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What is your email signature when sending from your mobile device?

Recently I realized that I’m not using a signature when sending emails from my mobile phone. Originally I did this on purpose, because I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I was away from my desk. But I’ve been paying attention to other people’s signatures and I find it helpful to know when they’re not at a computer. Perhaps it makes a little more sense if there are any typos, if the email communication seems “short” or if there is a slow response.

This post is in part just me sharing what I’ve found and part an attempt to collect info from you all, so please feel free to chime in!

I offhand discarded the use of a specific device brand in the signature. Some people find this pretentious. I don’t particularly, but I can see where it can look like showing off. I also know there are hardcore people who will judge you if you’re using a iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry (either in jest, or truly judge you). Another reason I thought not to use this, is I saw this signature: Send from my nondescript mobile device that doesn’t pay me to advertise it and it made me laugh. It’s true, they don’t pay me to advertise, even if I am very happy with my phone.

Then I debated if I want to closely match my email signature. Full Name, Title, Phone, Social Media and Disclaimer. If this is the first communication someone is having with you, a detailed signature can be helpful. I know I sometimes get annoyed when people don’t have a signature, but that’s mainly if they NEVER have one. I don’t really care if some emails do and others don’t. I just need a place to look up someone’s info if it’s not on my contacts. Ever get that “give me a call…” and then there’s no phone number anywhere? Yea!

Here are a few signatures I’ve come across:

  • Sent from my mobile device
  • Sent from my [device brand name]
  • Thumb Typed
  • Sent on the go
  • Sent fomr my iPohne. Pleaes ingore any misteaks (yes this one is purposely misspelled)
  • please excuse any typos – sent from a mobile device
  • Found a lot of “excuse my typo” lines here

In the end, I ended up with “sent from my mobile office”. I like the idea of mobility, shows that I still get my work done even if I’m out and about. I’m not specifying which decide I’m using in case I switch phones and forget to update, which is likely to happen soon! Still debating if I want to add any contact info (perhaps just my website, perhaps more).

Still, I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on mobile signature. Do you have one? What does it say and why did you land on that?

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