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I’m rethinking how I show client projects on my site. In the past, I’ve had a portfolio page with visuals of my latest logos, websites and other branding elements, which has been supportive in showing visitors what I can create for them. Moving forward however, I’ll be creating broader case studies for select brands. I feel that this will not only give you a better sense of what the final branding looked like, but you’ll get a glimpse of the process each project goes through to get there!

Today, I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the Baked by Atabey brand I created a while back!


Baked by Atabey offers made-to-order baked goods for small events and family gatherings. This is a business my sister created as she started getting requests to make her delicious cupcakes from several friends and acquaintances. She primarily offers cupcakes that are delicious and beautifully decorated. Let’s take a look at the brand strategy behind it…

Baked by Atabey Mood Board

Brand Inspiration Board

In order to make sure Vanessa and I were on the same page regarding the aesthetics of the brand we would be creating together, I asked her to collect some images on Pinterest that she felt represented her business. This would include what she finds visually inspiring and include colors, textures and imagery that aligned with what she wanted her brand to portray to her customers. Based on those images she provided, I was able to create an inspiration board where I captured the color and visual themes of her images.

Vanessa loves purple and pink, and we also decided to include browns and tans, since chocolate is her favorite cake (mine too!).

Logo Concepts

Using the inspiration board I created, I got to work on logo designs. One thing that was little outside the norm on this project is coming to a final decision on the business name. Originally, the name was Cupcakes by Atabey, as this was her primary service. However, she also gets requests for cookies (she has these amazing espresso chocolate chip cookies!) and other baked goods from time to time. So we thought it might be best to broaden her name to Baked by Atabey to give her room to expand her offerings.

While this is not typical of project workflow, I made an exception and I developed logos with both names so we can feel it out.

Baked by Atabey Logo Concepts
In the end, after some strategizing, we felt Baked by Atabey was a truer fit to her products. That said, because cupcakes were her biggest seller, we opted to include that visual on the logo.

Additionally, we narrowed down on the circle logo (#2) for the design, which works perfectly as a seal for her box packaging!

Brand Elements & Icons

With the final logo created, we established a color palette and alternate logos for various uses. This will be part of her brand style guide, which she can use to reference colors, fonts and visual elements.

Collateral Items & Website

Included in my Complete Visual Branding package are a number of collateral and website design. For Vanessa, here are some of the items we created (note that I removed names and phone numbers for the purposes of my site, but of course, the final materials have the proper info)…

Baked by Atabey Collateral
For the website, we created a simple 4-page site, which a home page, bio, gallery and contact page, so she could have a beautiful space to direct people who want to learn more about what she offers.

Baked by Atabey Website

As you can see, by starting with an inspiration board, we’re able to maintain consistency across all branding elements and collateral items. Consistency is key to maintaining a trustworthy and recognizable brand!

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