Notes from the Studio

Love, Yari’s First Official Project:

As you may know, I’ve recently started Love, Yari, via which I will be donating design services and expertise to cause-related projects, up-and-coming artists and start-up businesses that provide a service to the community. Today, I’m very excited to announce that Love, Yari’s first official project is now complete and live! I have donated a website design to Brooke Hoover: Actor, Comedian and Model. Brooke Hoover is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native and her first claim to stage was portraying “Lazy Mary” in Kindergarten. She received her B.F.A. in Acting and a French minor from Long Island University at C.W. … Keep Reading»

Facebook: Taking Back Your Privacy

It’s starting to get a little scary how little privacy Facebook is giving us these days… but I still don’t want to get rid of my account altogether. The trick is to keep spreading the word about all the little sneaky changes that have been going on. So I decided to do just that by sharing this video by Brian Tong of cnet tv. I also thought I’d share this link my friend Nadia posted on her twitter account, not so much to convince you to delete your FB account, but just for general awareness: 10 Reasons To Delete Your … Keep Reading»

A Creative Moustache

As I was walking to catch my bus, I saw this poster out of the corner of my eye, which was tagged with a mustache. I almost walked right past it when I realized that whoever tagged it didn’t just scribble a mustache over her lip, but actually carefully wrote the word “moustache”. I thought this was cool and creative. At least our tagging has evolved a bit, lol!

Towanda at Charming Wall Gallery

A bunch of us decided to submit a painting to the 6×6 Gallery May Art Show at Charming Wall and I’m very excited to say that my Towanda will be up May 7th! I’ve been supporting my friend Jeanine’s work at 6×6 Gallery for a while now, but this is the first time I’m actually submitting a piece. I’m actually very excited! Here is a progression of my painting coming to life, hope you like it and I hope you’re able to pop by either for the opening or later on it the month! Opening Reception at Charming Wall Friday, … Keep Reading»

2010 Trends by Logo Lounge

Logo Lounge continues to put together an excellent collection of trends, based on the thousands of submissions they receive from all over the world. From cubist, to ghosted, to wallpaper, we’re seeing a lot of beautifully designed company identities. I’ve extracted a three of my favorite trends, to view the full article and all the trends provided, visit the Logo Lounge Current Logo Trends 2010 article by Bill Gardner. Stains Imagine hand-drafting the great logos of our age on blotter paper with a juicy brush, and you start to get a feel for the logos in this genre. All are … Keep Reading»

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