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Periodic Table of Typefaces

Here’s a cool one… the Periodic Table of Typefaces. It features 100 of the most popular, influential and notorious typefaces. You can download the hi-res image or read more about it at

Marc and Angel Hack Life

First of all, I want to say how much I LOVE the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog. I check it regularly and they always have really interesting posts on productivity and just living your life to its fullest. This particular post however, 25 Ways to Live 25 Hours a Day, really captured my attention and inspired me to... Read More»

Envirosax Rock!

I bought these handy dandy little bags a while back, based on a recommendation and they’re awesome! Really, they are. They have significantly diminished the giant stash or supermarket plastic bags that just pile up on a corner in my kitchen and they roll up quite small so I can easily fit them in my purse. I keep two... Read More»

Managing Your Day More Effectively

I’ve come across a lot of articles lately talking about time management and how to make the best of your day. Although this is especially helpful for freelancers who are now seeing an increase in work or new freelancers who are still getting a grasp on managing everything on their own, anyone can benefit from some of these tips.... Read More»

Tropicana: In With the Old

Yay! I’m actually one of the people happy to hear that Tropicana will revert back to it’s old packaging. The new one has elements that could be good, but when you look at the line as a whole on-shelf, everything looks the same. The only differentiation in flavors is a tiny strip of color on the top. It doesn’t... Read More»

Paula Scher: Now & Then

Paula Scher will be speaking tomorrow night as part of the SPD Speaker Series. Advance tickets are sold out, but there will be a number of tickets available at the door. For our inaugural SPD@FIT event for 2009, we knew we needed something big enough to keep pace with the other big inaugural events of 2009. Join us on... Read More»

Change is in the Air

I was browsing through the blog and found and article about President Obama’s recent cover and spread in TV Guide. I really love this spread, the photography is really cool and it’s a fun side of Obama. I also like the overall layout, but found the photo to really catch my attention. Just wanted to make a quick... Read More»

The Wonders of a Sharpie

This has been circulating for a while, but my friend David just shared it with me. It’s awesome and I want to do it too! The closest I’ve come to having my art all over my walls -other than your token crayola painting everywhere at age 2, lol- was when I was about 12 or so, my dad let... Read More»

Kick-Starting 2009!

January is the time of the year when everyone is taking stock of their lives, careers, finances etc.  And of course I’m doing the same. The trick is not to lose momentum and to set goals that are achievable. I’m not a big fan of resolutions anymore because I find I never keep them. Hey, I’m human. But as... Read More»

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