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Happy Bike Ride

I was feeling a little whimsical the other day and I made this drawing for a CD cover I made for Jessica. It started just as a “rough sketch” of a drawing I would make, but I really liked the simplicity of it so I kept it as is. (Yes, that’s me in the basket, lol)

Marketing Mentor

I’ve just recently finished reading The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing by Ilise Benum and Peleg Top. It’s an excellent resource for designers, whether starting out or looking to better market themselves. I love the way it’s written, it’s very informal without losing credibility. Below is the description that appears on their site for a little extra insight:... Read More»

Men’s Room Mural

There ARE elements of design and creativity so bear with me, LOL. My friend forwarded me this and I thought it was interesting to say the least. Edge Designs is an all-women run company that designs interior office space. They had a recent opportunity to do an office project in NYC. The client allowed the women of this company... Read More»

ADC Young Guns 6 Kick-Off Party: Disclosure

I’ve uploaded some photos taken at the Art Director’s Young Guns 6 Kick-Off party. They featured work by the 27 finalists of the Undiscovered Letter. People also posted little secrets about themselves all over the gallery. Some of them were quite interesting. View photos from this event»

Work and Money

I was just watching season one of Dead Like Me and in one of the episodes they were talking about living out in a log cabin. This comment really stood out to me: If we didn’t have to work so hard to make the money, we wouldn’t have to spend so much to feel better about working so hard.

Dream Big – The Future of Women in Media

Dream Big – The Future of Women in Media, an event organized by: & Dina Kaplan (COO and Co-Founder,, Nicole Tecco (Principal, Tipping Point Partners) and Shanthi Sarkar (SVP Product Management and Operations at ContextWeb) shared their insights and perspectives on trends, opportunities as well as discuss the strategies for thriving in the rapidly evolving Media... Read More»

I’ve recently been recommended as a bookmaking site and I absolutely love it! It has options for various categories as well as tabs, so you can break down your categories into sections (ie. Travel, Online Shopping, Cool Homepages etc etc etc). It’s very organized and it’s very easy to update your links even from one category to another.... Read More»

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