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CD Covers for Inspiration

After my previous post on Pomplamoose’s Telephone Cover, I decided to put together a few of my favorite CD covers just as a bit of inspiration. There’s a lot with bright colors, others with sketches or illustrations, some ornate and some simpler ones. There’s a little bit of everything here… Which CD covers would you add? Of course there are sooo many great covers out there, but these are the ones that caught my eye today. Feel free to suggest your own favorites!

Pomplamoose’s “Telephone” Cover

Music Monday kids! I know this isn’t exactly design related, but I really love Pomplamoose and their cover of LadyGaga’s Telephone. Just thought I’d throw out some upbeat music to get us through this gray day. Hope you enjoy it!

Packaging Inspiration from The Dieline

Amazing packaging as always! I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE browsing The Dieline. I was working on a package today for baked goods and was looking to pump up my creative juices. I’ve gathered some of the food packaging, that caught my eye. Needless to say, inspiration was found and I just had to share some of these. Hope you like them! Belvedere baked goods by Lucia Picerno Fruto Seco packaging by SeriesNemo Botanical Bakery by DBD International Kotton Dark Ale by Dreamerworx Heinz Tomato Range by Cowan Design London Magnum Gold?! by 1HQ Brand Design So … Keep Reading»

Happy Blogging: Suggestions for Your Design Blogroll

I’ve been on the lookout for cool blogs lately. Well, more so than usual I would say, I’m always keeping an eye out for new and interesting blogs. I have been bookmarking them on my Xerpi, and slowly -very slowly- been adding them to my blogroll. Here are my latest additions with some examples of the posts that caught my attention. Hopefully you’ll find some of these interesting, if so, make sure to subscribe to them! Creative Opera Creative Opera is a blog for new designers, aspiring designers, and anyone who has a passion for design. I want Creative Opera … Keep Reading»

WWMPD by Colleen Wainwright

Colleen Wainwright, the Communicatrix, has written an excellent article on reframing work as play. I found What Would Mary Poppins Do?, to be particularly helpful in regards to making those boring or repetitive tasks a lot more tolerable and possibly even fun! Colleen says it best, so I won’t bore you with my summary or it. With her permission I have posted her article here, but please consider subscribing to her newsletter for more exciting and informative articles. What would Mary Poppins do? Volume 4, Number 3 | March 2010 Clawing my way out of confusion into some kind of … Keep Reading»

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