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WWMPD by Colleen Wainwright

Colleen Wainwright, the Communicatrix, has written an excellent article on reframing work as play. I found What Would Mary Poppins Do?, to be particularly helpful in regards to making those boring or repetitive tasks a lot more tolerable and possibly even fun! Colleen says it best, so I won’t bore you with my summary or it. With her permission I have posted her article here, but please consider subscribing to her newsletter for more exciting and informative articles. What would Mary Poppins do? Volume 4, Number 3 | March 2010 Clawing my way out of confusion into some kind of … Keep Reading»

Domus Vulgus

DOMUS VULGUS APNAVI THACKER March 11 2010 – April 13 2010 Opening: Thursday, March 11 at 6:30pm 45 W. 21st Street, 2nd Floor The Guild Art Gallery is pleased to present, Domus Vulgus, the New York debut show of Contemporary Indian artist Apnavi Thacker. Born in Bombay, India and brought up in Geneva, Switzerland, Apnavi Thacker grew up benefiting from two very different cultures. Her experiences in both cities have had a major impact on her work. Apnavi is a self-taught artist, although she gained valuable knowledge and experience during her two years of training under the guidance of Bose … Keep Reading»

Are You a Design Partner or a Service Provider?

Do you have your client’s best interest in mind or are you just looking to provide a service and collect a check? Do find yourself making suggestions on how to improve your client’s business, website, branding etc, or is “they didn’t ask for that” a regular phrase you use? Really think about this for a minute, because it makes all the difference in the world. A service provider literally does what they are told to, whether they agree with it or not, whether they know of a better, more effective way to approach a project or not. Generally their main … Keep Reading»

Design a Tote Bag for Strand

If you’ve ever wanted to design one of those awesome tote bags for Strand Books, here’s your chance! Starting March 1, 2010, artists from around the world are invited to submit original illustrations featuring the Strand Book Store. They have some really cool prizes, including a free SVA Continuing Ed class! Checkout the contest web page for more details. Good luck!

What Daily Meditation Can Do for Your Creativity

I wanted to share this article I found while browsing online. It’s from the 99% blog, written by Mark McGuinness. It’s funny because it’s one of those “I know, I know” things. But we never put it into practice. A lot of times we find ourselves with a creative block and our initial reaction is to focus even more energy and force the creativity to come, which leads to frustration and further block. Meanwhile a quick break can make all the difference, it will clear your mind and allow those ideas that are struggling to get through actually reach us. … Keep Reading»

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