Notes from the Studio

Color Resources

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and I’m finally getting around to it. Below are a few color resources that I find invaluable in my design workday. Hopefully you’ll find these useful as well. :) Designer’s Guide to Color Designer’s Guide to Color is a compilation of small books with various color combinations to inspire you as you work on anything from logos, posters, packaging or anything really you can put color to. You can buy the books individually, or you can get the box set, which has 5 books in it. Each book contains over … Keep Reading»

The Wilde Ones

The Wilde Ones from SVA GDAD on Vimeo. My typography professor from SVA forwarded this on, and I though I’d continue to pass it along. “The Wilde Ones”, a documentary tribute for Wilde’s 40-year anniversary at the school. Raphan quickly expanded the offer to include all post production and effects for the film. The film is built around a series of interviews with some of Wilde’s most accomplished professors and industry icons, including George Lois, Paula Scher, Carin Goldberg, James Victore, Paul Sahre, and Gail Anderson… [see original post]

Charitable Donations

Last week I donated to the Red Cross to help in the relief efforts in Haiti, after the earthquake. I had previously also made a year-end donation to another entity. But it made me think I should make donations more of a regular practice, and not just when there is a catastrophe or when I receive a year-end reminder. I have a monthly donation set up with, but I’m thinking it would be cool to pick (in addition to) a new charity each month or a few times a year to donate to. This will open me up to … Keep Reading»

Bausch + Lomb Revamped

Loving the new Bausch + Lomb corporate identity, designed by Pentagram. It’s a clean and refreshing new look by Paula Scher, which reflects B+L’s growing presence in ophthalmic care. On Pentagram’s New at Pentagram page you can see more detail about the company repositioning as well as some beautiful packaging for Renu multi-purpose solution. Offhand the Renu carton felt a bit generic when I look at the on-shelf image, but I LOVE the bottle. I think this a great new design, look forward to seeing it in stores.

New Mindset for 2010 by Ilise Benum

I’ve been following Ilise Benum’s Marketing Mentor Quick Tips ever since I read The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing. Today’s message was particularly noteworthy and I thought I’d share it (with Ilise’s ok, of course): A New Mindset for 2010 I’ve noticed lately that, no matter how you define success, those who want it have a very different mindset from those who do not. It’s the difference between taking whatever comes along vs. aiming toward clear goals. It’s the difference between doing only what you like vs. having the self discipline to do what’s necessary. This mindset is characterized … Keep Reading»

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