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Do I Need a Blog on My Site?

To be honest, I’d be hard-pressed to find instances in which having a blog on your site is not useful. Often people might be intimidated by a blog because they feel they have to write several times a week, but really, the key is quality and consistency. There are many benefits to having a blog and I’ve listed a

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Why It’s Important To Plan Content Before Designing Your Website

The first thing everyone wants to talk about is what their branding and website are going to look like. What colors they like, what sites they want to emulate and where the images will go. But planning your site content is a must before you start design work on your website. And not just gathering your content, but strategically

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What Website Platform Is Best For You?

There are plenty of articles out there telling you why Squarespace is better than WordPress or vice versa. In my opinion, there is no “better”, it’s more about what you’re most comfortable using and what allows for your business to grow in the way that you want.

I find that Becky Kinkhead explained it best by saying:

Squarespace is like renting

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7 Useful Tools to Streamline Your Online Business

Today I’d love to share some tools that have been instrumental in streamlining my online business and process. I’m all about making my life simple and eliminating redundancies. So below are my go-to tools and systems to help you do just that!

Notes & Organization

Evernote »

I love Evernote because I’m constantly making notes (and then losing them). Using

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11 Essential Elements Every Website Should Have

Regardless of what field you’re in or who your ideal client is, there are some key pages and site elements that will greatly improve your visitor’s experience while browsing your site. Whether you already have a site or are planning your new site, the items below will give you some food for thought. Now, I’m by no means the

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How Do I Know When To Redesign My Website?

When is the right time for a site redesign? It really all depends on what you’re hoping to gain. There are instances when a redesign makes perfect sense, but there are also times when you’re just wasting your money. Didn’t think you’d hear that from a web designer, did you? Well, my goal is to ensure you’re happy with

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What is WordPress and Why You Should Use It For Your Site

WordPress is an excellent content management system, but for a long time people didn’t embrace it as such and merely labeled it as another blogging application. But WordPress it not just for blogging anymore!

For people in the web industry, it’s not news that many sites (even those that don’t contain blogs at all) use WordPress for day-to-day

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