Design Your Business

by Yaritsa Arenas | Creative Business

“This is the year I start my own business!” Sound familiar? Perhaps you said the same thing last year; you had a great idea, were ready to drop the 9to5 and do your own thing. Sadly, after the initial momentum of that New Year’s resolution (you came up with after a few glasses of bubbly), you slowly started to talk yourself out of it. We’ve all broken our resolutions, whether it’s getting your finances in order, losing weight or getting that degree. Hopefully though, this year WILL be the year you start your own business and see it through. And I’m here to help!

I’ve seen many articles say it in many ways, the best way to keep your resolutions is: Be Realistic, Be Specific and Create a Plan. But, where to start?

Design Your Business

While I can’t tell you what business to get into or how much capital you need, I can definitely help you get a design plan together. Whether you need a logo, website, promotional materials or all of the above, you need a plan to keep you on track. Next week, I’m starting a “Design Your Business” series with tips and resources from defining your ideal client, to getting the most accurate design quote possible, to staying on schedule (and on budget) so your design project moves along smoothly.

So take the rest of this week to catch up from those lovely days off you had, and next week, we’re ready to get the ball rolling!

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