Journey of Joy with Latina Wellness

by Yaritsa Arenas | Projects

It always brings me great joy to work with clients that are out to make an impact in their communities. That’s why I focus on the transformational and holistic field. I have done a lot of personal development work for myself and that’s actually where I met Cynthia, at a group program for women.

I shortly after attended one of her live events and hearing her speak was truly inspirational. Her content is so unique and she’s a supportive and loving moderator. But she came to me, because her brand was just not up to par with what she had to offer. While she had started to build an audience, new visitors really don’t have a sense of what she’s all about from her plain-looking site.

Of course, I was so thrilled to help her change that!


Latina Wellness is dedicated to empowering Latinas and multi-cultural women to flourish by providing culturally relevant self-development programs. It has a strong focus on self-love and self-care and offers holistic positive therapies through one-on-one coaching and group retreats.

Cynthia’s Latina Wellness program really hit home for me, as a Puerto Rican (born and raised) living in the US. There are some areas of growth that are unique to multi-cultural folks, growing up with one culture and language at home and having to adapt to another at school, work, etc.

This rebrand was one in which a lot of elements changed, so I thought I’d start with a preview go her original logo.

The first major change we made was to the company name itself. Cynthia was on the fence about keeping the word “Network”. We agreed that it was somewhat limiting where the brand could go. Shortening it to Latina Wellness gives us opportunity to grow into various areas as the brand and business evolves.

Brand Inspiration Board

To ensure Cynthia and I are aligned with the new direction we’re taking her branding, I created an inspiration board based on images and keywords collected from her branding homework. Yes, there’s homework, but it’s all about getting clarity on your branding so it’s never painful!

I opted to pick slightly brighter versions of the colors originally used on the original logo to give Latina Wellness a fresher, more vibrant feel.

Logo Concepts

One thing I wanted to do with the logo was simplify it. There are a lot of elements on the original logo that seemed pieced together and too many color breaks that felt a bit disparate. While the “tilde” over the N is a nice touch that speaks to the latin base of the company, I felt there was more we could do with the logo.

I also wanted to give the logo and overall brand a more feminine feel. Latina Wellness, after all, is geared to women! The current logo doesn’t really speak to that, except perhaps, for the use of fuchsia.

I kept the gold, purple and fuchsia color scheme for the first two logos to honor the previous branding, but used them in a way that felt a little more cohesive. For the third logo, I added some brown, which with pink and gold added a little more warmth.

You’ll also notice that I gave the woman big hoop earrings, which is a signature of Cynthia’s fashion sense. The flower on the third design is a nod to the “amapola” (hibiscus) flowers we both remember from our native Puerto Rico.

We picked option 3, but opted to swap the “Latina” font from option 2.

Collateral Items & Website

With a logo and overall color palette in place, designing additional collateral materials, such as business cards, web banners and a website is a breeze. For her website, we ensured it was easy and intuitive for visitors to book a consultation and find Cynthia’s latest blog posts. Each of her packages is clearly outlined, and the site is full of inspirational content.

Words of Praise

Yaritsa Arenas designed my website, and I’ll start by saying that I was thrilled with Yari’s ability to capture my vision. Her creative abilities and design concept surpassed my hopes, and I was thrilled with the final design product. Since Yari designed my website, my business has grown exponentially. I receive constant praise for the site’s design with the recurring comment, “your website is so beautiful.” My experience in working with Yari was also beyond wonderful. She is the consummate professional. She did exactly what she said she would do, within the timeframe she set up. I was also chosen as one of the top 6 Latina Bloggers for that year, and I truly believe that Yari’s design played a role in that nomination. I recommend Yaritsa Arenas everywhere I go. If you are looking for the best web designer around, then look no further!
Cynthia Santiago | Latina Wellness

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