Using Pinterest Boards to Establish Your Brand Style

by Yaritsa Arenas | Branding + Design

Creating an inspiration board is a great way to begin the design process. Not only will it help you get clearer on what you want, it will help your designer get a better sense of what you’re looking for.

Using Pinterest Boards to Establish Your Brand Style

I provide my clients with a bit of homework before starting a project. Questions regarding their offering, who their clients are and what their goals are for their branding and business. However, some adjectives can be subjective. One person’s idea of luxury or fun can differ from someone else’s. An inspiration board can get everyone on the same page.

To follow, you’ll learn how to get started, and I’ll also share with you my mood board so you can see how you can narrow down your style even further.

Create Your Pinterest Board

First, you’ll want to create a board on Pinterest that is dedicated to your branding. You can make it public or private, but you’ll eventually want to share it with your designer once it’s complete.


Start Pinning!

There are no real rules, but here are some guidelines if you prefer direction:

Note: Don’t forget to change the description of the image so it’s clear what you like about it. You want to be intentional in selecting images. Don’t just pick it because “it’s pretty”, make sure it represents you and your business somehow. It’s ok if there is an image or two where you don’t know what exactly attracts you to it, but for the most part make a note as to why you selected it.

edit your pin description

Find the Common Elements

Now that you have a Pinterest board you’re happy with, I can create an inspiration board (also referred to as mood board). This is an even more focused look at your brand. Filtering through the images you have selected as inspiration, we find the commonalities. Are there textures that keep recurring? Are the images overall very clean? Are the colors bright? Muted? Neutral? Is it mostly photography or illustrations? All these common factors help get to the core of your brand style.

Brand Pinspiration

The board I created, had a lot of purple (not surprisingly, since I love purple). What was slightly surprising, were the instances where I selected images that blended purple with oranges, which I don’t typically like. In the image of the flower, there’s a subtle orange that got me thinking twice about excluding it from my color scheme. I also overall liked images that are clean with lots of contrast.

You can take a peek at the board I created called Brand Pinspiration to see what my full board looked like, and below, you can see how I narrowed it down.


Overall on my site I use a lot of purple and black with accents of cool gray and teal. However, I can now add green, burgundy and orange as accent colors.

From Inspiration to Practice

The inspiration board can be refined to ensure everyone’s on the same page regarding color scheme, photography style and patterns. Remember, this is what will now be used to create your brand visuals, so make sure that your final inspiration board gives you the feeling you want your brand to portray. It works as a sort of a barometer to any design decisions moving forward. You know what colors represent your brand and what sort of imagery works well. You also know what images to select and what mood and feeling you want to leave your clients with.

Have you used an inspiration board in the past? Let me know how it helped your process. And feel free to share yours with me if this post helped you create one!

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