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by Yaritsa Arenas | Projects

Few things make me happier than when a client experiences a huge shift in how they view their business after working together. My job as a designer is to capture the essence of the client’s personality and business voice and translate that into a visual brand that is memorable and unique.

With that, I’d love to take you through the process of rebranding She Dares.


She Dares is an adventure community designed to connect you with like minded women and share unforgettable experiences. It is within the mission of She Dares to not only facilitate opportunities for you to connect with others in a whole new way, but to also create a safe space that allows you to feel comfortable enough to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things with the intention that it will translate into you making more daring decisions in your life and being a bolder of yourself.

While the She Dares mission is energetic, bold and inspiring, Danielle felt there was something missing from her website visuals. She built her site herself a while back and wasn’t able to capture the true essence of what She Dares is all about. I was more than happy to help her finally get that excitement she was looking for!

Branding Inspiration & Logo

She Dares Inspiration Board

It was clear that bold and energetic was the way to go, so of course we incorporated impactful elements and bright colors to match her vibrant personality.

She Dares logo study

We picked option 3, but there were a few minor things to revise before making it the final logo. While the font for “She” was originally a handwritten scrip to give the logo some femininity, we felt it didn’t quite stand up to how bold “Dares” was. We definitely wanted to keep the feminine quality of the original design, but we wanted to give it some more weight.

We also decided to add a 3D effect to the overall shape to given a bit of extra dimension and make it even more dynamic.

Business Cards and Website

The next order of business was making sure that Danielle had attention-grabbing business cards. We wanted people to receive her cards to immediately feel the energy and vibrancy She Dares stands for and feel excited to have the cards presented to them.

We found a great graphic of a girl in mid-jump that when added to the logo have it that extra oomph we were looking for.

She Dares business cards

As for the website, we made sure that we showcased women gathering and having a great time together. Dani is an expert at making it easy for people to get to know each other and always has fun ice-breakers at her events (and not just any ol’ ice-breakers mind you, everything is a fun and daring experience at She Dares!)


The site gives visitors a change to learn more about what She Dares has to offer. We included a photo gallery that pulls up images she posts to a specific album on her Facebook page to show everyone how much fun the She Dares woman is having.

Additionally you have access to upcoming events and the latest updates from Dani through her blog.

And just a little bit extra!

In addition to her logo and website, I worked on a newsletter template for her MailChimp mailing list and social media graphics so she can share fun quotes that inspire her with her followers.

Another fun thing I was able to create for Dani, was this Team She Dares T-Shirt. Dani challenged herself to enter Mudderella (a Women only mud run and obstacle course) and not only did she join, she was team leader! We didn’t end up using this shirt because it was hard to coordinate the order with everything going on, but I really liked how it turned out and I thought I’d share it!

Words of Praise

Lastly, here are some kind words that I received from Dani after working together:

After working with Yari, I am so much more confident and excited to share She Dares with any and everyone! It feels amazing to hand someone a business card that sends them to a site that SO PERFECTLY CAPTURES the ESSENCE of what She Dares is all about. Now people GET it (what She Dares is about) more quickly and more accurately. They feel it right away and are more excited to be a part of it. Also, people now take She Dares more seriously, which has already led to bigger and better relationships with other businesses. It has also upped my own confidence and pushed me to take my business and myself as an entrepreneur more seriously.

Nothing makes me happier than my clients feeling excited about their branding! I’m so thrilled to have been a part of this part of the She Dares experience!

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