Holistically Simplified Business Solutions

Is your plate beyond full right now?

As solopreneurs, we take on a lot. Not only are we delivering a service to our clients, but we also have to handle the business development and day-to-day administrative tasks that can often times feel like torture.

Maybe you’re losing clients because your intake process takes too long and by the time you get around to actually finding time on your calendar, your prospect has moved on.

You’re spending so much time responding to emails that your work is not getting done and you spend your nights and weekends catching up instead of treating yourself to some much deserved R&R.

Running a business is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be painful! The struggle is as real as you want it to be.

While I don’t claim that there’s a magic button you can press to make your business run like unicorns and rainbows, there are always areas of improvement that can help you make a bigger impact in the world by having those small details taken care of.

What I'm Offering

1 | Questionnaire to help me get to know you and your business
2 | 90min deep dive to uncover 2-3 main areas of improvement
3 | Personalized summary of recommendations & action plan
4 | 3 weekly email check-ins for accountability & celebration
5 | 30min follow-up session to assess & adjust if needed

How Does It Work?

Once payment has been made, I’ll send you a welcome email with a link to my online scheduler as well as my questionnaire. Your responses to the questionnaire will help me prepare for our time together, letting me know about your business and what your goals & challenges are. I’ll need the questionnaire responded to at least 48hrs prior to our call.

Our session together is an active brainstorming & ideation session. We’ll have 90 minutes together in person or via Skype. Together we’ll determine the top 2-3 challenges you currently have and we’ll create strategies for improvement which can include:

Big shifts happen when you have someone to hold you accountable. Within 3 days of our call, I’ll provide you with a personalized roadmap & action plan based on what we discussed. We’ll also have 3 weekly email check-ins to address any struggles and celebrate each week’s accomplishments.

A month out from our initial session, you can schedule a 30 minute follow up session to determine what’s working and whether there are any adjustments that need to be made in order to keep you on track moving forward. At that time, if you think you could benefit from additional monthly support, we can discuss how we can continue to work together.

Things don’t have to be as hard as you think!

I know starting out can be difficult, particularly when you’re doing everything yourself. It’s so easy to get stuck over-thinking minutiae while avoiding the bigger picture. I’m happy to help brainstorm by telling you what’s working and what’s not (and how to fix it)!

I take a limited number of consultations each month, so use the form below to apply. I want to make sure I can answer any questions about the process before you purchase. I will respond within 24-48hrs with next steps.

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