How Do I Know When To Redesign My Website?

by Yaritsa Arenas | Creative Business, Web Design

When is the right time for a site redesign? It really all depends on what you’re hoping to gain. There are instances when a redesign makes perfect sense, but there are also times when you’re just wasting your money. Didn’t think you’d hear that from a web designer, did you? Well, my goal is to ensure you’re happy with whatever project we’re working on together, so I would never advise you to redesign just for redesign’s sake.

How Do I Know When To Redesign My Website?

3 Poor Reasons to Redesign Your Site

I’m bored with my site, I want it to look like [insert your new favorite site here]…
Bored is not really a good enough reason to redesign, particularly if you already have a well designed site. What is at the core of the “I’m bored” statement? Are you not getting enough traffic? Are you getting traffic, but you’re not converting your leads? Let’s get to the real reason you want to make a change. Yes, perhaps your site was designed ages ago and could use a facelift, but let’s take that opportunity to add some features that your clients might be hoping for or reposition your business in a way that speaks to your audience more clearly. If you’re constantly making big changes for no real reason, you’ll confuse your audience (especially if you’re moving things around from what they’re used to seeing) and can even appear flippant. Don’t lose their trust!

Everyone else is updating their site
If you’re just trying to keep up with the Joneses, you’ll be redesigning your site endlessly, and endlessly emptying out your wallet. There’s always going to be a new trend to follow and unless it’s truly one that will help your online presence and sales, there’s really no need to follow suit. If you find yourself wanting to redesign because some of the sites you follow have updated, ask yourself “how will this redesign help my business?” If you don’t have a valid reason, hold off for now.

A new design will improve our SEO/ web traffic
This one can be true or false depending on how you look at it. If your current site is not optimized, then there are some layout changes that can definitely help you with SEO and traffic. That said, content is key! You can have the most beautifully site in the world, but if the information it contains is not useful or speaks to the wrong audience, visitors won’t be coming back. Take some time to read through your pages and see if there are any tweaks that you can make to your message before you invest in a redesign.

3 Great Reasons to Redesign Your Site

Website embarrassment
This is different from just being bored with your site’s design. If you don’t have a site that you’re proud of, that matches your personality and speaks to your message, you’re not likely to give it the care it needs. You’re not likely to direct clients to your site when you’re at a networking event and you might not even care enough to update your blog and add new content. It’s important to have a brand that aligns with your message so your website can serve as a extension of who you are and what you have to offer. A site is a useful tool, and if you’re too embarrassed to use it, then you might be ready for a revamp.

Evolved positioning or target market
Businesses evolve constantly. Some changes are minor like adding a new service that’s complementary to what you’re already offering. Other changes are grander in scale, like changing your field of expertise, trying to engage a new audience or changing your positioning. If, for example, you’re currently speaking to a broad audience (businesses that need help with marketing) and have narrowed down your niche (seasoned female entrepreneurs who want to reposition their marketing), you want to make sure your site and messaging speak specifically to that new audience. This is a good time for a redesign.

Improving usability/functionality
Boosting your user’s experience is almost always a great reason to redesign. Maybe you’re adding a blog to give your clients regular content updates and to show your expertise in your field. Perhaps your audience is typically on-the-go and you realize that your current site is not very mobile-friendly. Is your audience very social and your site has no social media integration? These are all good reasons to update your site so it’s easier for your visitors to keep coming back for more!

Does that help?

This is just some quick food for thought, hopefully it will help you decide whether or not the time is right for you. If you’re still unsure, feel free comment below, I’m happy to further clarify. And if you ARE ready to redesign, let’s talk!

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