Making the Best Use of Your Coming Soon Page

Making the Best Use of Your Coming Soon Page

I was recently in the process of updating my branding. Naturally, I put up a Maintenance Mode page on my site with my logo, a short “be back soon” message and a link to join my mailing list.

While checking up on a friend’s site, I realized that I was seriously underutilizing my temporary landing page! Her Maintenance Mode page was quite simple, but it had a lot of information that in hindsight, I can’t help but palm my forehead with a good ole’ “duh!”

So what’s the problem with only having your logo and a short message? Well, simply put, you might be losing leads and followers!

If someone already follows you regularly, an under construction page will just give them a heads up that your content won’t be available for a bit. That’s fine and good, they’ll just come back later or if they’re on your mailing list, they’ll likely wait for you to announce your site launch.

But what about NEW leads and followers? People who never saw your old site. Someone that might have been referred to you by a friend, found you on social media or just got lucky with a Google search? How will they know whether you’re worth waiting for? See what I’m saying?

Now that I’ve made edits to my own landing page, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to make your Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page more effective.

Who are you?

Remember, return visitors already know who you are, but for someone who is new to your site it’s important to at least say your name and have a brief tagline describing what your site/business/company is about. I open my page with “Hi There, I’m Yari!” and a photo of myself, which at least puts a name and a face to my interim site. I also mention that I offer Branding & Websites as a service and go into a little detail about that.

What is your offer?

Whether you’re selling services or a product, you want to have a short description of what a new visitor can expect to get from you. Do you have a signature service? Let them know how they can connect with you to learn more. Maybe even provide a link to your online scheduler so they can speak to you directly and get all the details they would normally find on your site. On my page, you’ll see that I talked about my Signature Branding Package as well as my Brand Review session and I’ve let visitors know how they can get more info on each.

Gather subscribers

You probably have a mailing list that would be useful for new and old visitors alike. Make sure you have a sign-up link. If you offer an opt-in freebie, tell them about it. If you don’t, let them know why they might benefit from signing up. Same goes for social media, make sure you list any platforms you’re active on so they can check you out while they wait.

What’s on the Horizon?

Do you have any upcoming promotions, courses or limited time offers? Don’t miss an opportunity to share them with your visitors. On my page, I offered my 2018 rate for people who sign up for my services before December 20th. This means they could have booked me for a project in 2019 (when my rates will be higher) and still benefit from my 2018 rates.

Keep it simple!

Your landing page doesn’t have to be a mini site in its own right with all the bells and whistles. Mine was mostly text with just a photo of myself at the top. Keep it simple, keep it brief, but make sure you have at least one clear action your visitors can take while your new web home is ready.

Hope you found this helpful (even if your site is not currently under development), you can always reference it here if you ever need a reminder.