Having a brand identity crisis?

Branding Consultation and Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs

Instead of getting your business off the ground and being of service to your clients, you’re obsessing over which colors work best together and what font style would look nice on your site. Meanwhile, you haven’t crafted an offer that will appeal to your clients once you have your brand design in order.

Perhaps you’re starting a new business and while you’ve downloaded a bunch of free worksheets or even paid for online courses to help you develop your business, you’re still not sure who’s in your target market or what your “why” is (and why you even need one)!

You want your branding to be beautiful, but the thought of spending thousands on a designer when you don’t have a clear vision has you at a standstill.

All you know is that you have a business inside of you bursting to come out into the world, but you’re stuck. So you close your computer and decide to “figure it out tomorrow”… and tomorrow… and tomorrow…

When you’re first starting up your business or if you’re significantly evolving your offering, it can be difficult to stay objective and make the best decisions. There’s always a little bit of fear of “am I doing the right thing?”

The main reason you hesitate is that you don’t have a clear foundation. When you gain clarity of why you started your business, what your core values are and who your ideal client is, it’s much easier to define your next steps.

If you’re at a stage in your business where the thing you need most is guidance, I’m happy to provide you with my expertise on personal branding & design to lay down the groundwork and set you on the right path.

Brand Clarity Deep Dive

Brand & Business Foundation

Without a solid foundation, you’re essentially flying blind. I prioritize our time together in ensuring we dive deep into the core of your business and equip you with what you might need to make informed decisions moving forward:

  • Clarity on your “why” so you always have a starting point when making decisions around your business
  • Identify your core values and what they mean to you
  • Defining your ideal customer so you always know who you’re talking to
  • Guidance in developing your brand messaging, tone & voice
  • An honest review of your logo and website (if you already have one) and improvement suggestions
  • Developing clear services and offerings
  • Brainstorm your customer experience funnel

Goals & Prioritization

I’ll recommend your next steps to apply all that we’ve learned during our time together to your branding so that you know what to do next to achieve your goals.

Brand Roadmap

You’ll walk away with a Brand Roadmap document that outlines everything we went over during our time together, so it’s all clearly organized for your reference.

Follow-up Support

I understand that a few questions might come up after our time together, even with a Brand Roadmap in hand. I offer an optional follow-up call to discuss any lingering questions and ensure you’re feeling empowered to move forward.

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s How It Works

Brand Assessment

We start out with a Brand Assessment Questionnaire which helps me see where you are now with your business and branding. I’ll need this returned to me at least 48hrs before our session.

Deep Dive

We’ll book a 3-4 hour session to review the responses to your questionnaire and with that go through a few exercises to uncover your unique offering and build out your business foundation.

Goals & Priority

Taking everything we uncovered, we’ll outline the next best steps for your business and branding so you know where to most effectively spend your time and money.

Brand Roadmap

I’ll create a Brand Roadmap that clearly outlines everything we’ve gone over during our Deep Dive session so you have an organized document to reference when needed.


You’ll have an optional follow-up call to discuss any questions that may have come up after our time together. I want to ensure you’re empowered to grow and evolve your business!


How long is our Brand Clarity Deep Dive?

Depending on where you are in your business and how much help you need, the session itself can last between 3-4hrs. I’d recommend setting aside 4hrs for our call just to be safe.

From there, I’ll use our session as the foundation to begin work on your brand roadmap. You’ll see the first draft in 7-10 days, allowing you the opportunity to review and set up an optional follow-up call to further refine the roadmap or offer feedback.

You’ll have your final Brand Clarity Roadmap within 3 weeks of our initial session.

Will I get a logo or any design with this package?

This session is to lay down the groundwork for your business and branding and offers a strategy and ideation deep dive. This does not include design services. You can learn more about my branding services over here.

Ready for Some Brand Clarity?

Feeling like you have to figure it all out alone is overwhelming

Let’s work together to clearly define your brand and business and start you out on the right foot!