Build the brand you always dreamed of

Signature Brand Identity Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

There’s something empowering about having a brand that you’re truly proud of. One that you feel excited to share with and show off to potential clients.

It’s one thing to have “something” up as you get started, but it’s quite another to have a custom logo, stunning online presence and complementary collateral materials that make everything feel like a professional, trustworthy and unified visual brand.

Your branding is an extension of you and if the starter identity you created a few years back to gain visibility no longer represents you, leaving you feeling overlooked, somewhat embarrassed or out of alignment with the quality that you have to offer, I will help you craft a brand that you’re truly proud of.

My Signature Brand Identity package is perfect for you if your business has grown and evolved, leaving your branding feeling outdated.

A Holistic Branding Approach

When most people hear the word “brand,” they immediately think of a logo. Yes, a logo is an important part of your brand visuals, but it’s not ALL of your brand. Branding includes your mission statement, values, color palette, imagery, client interactions and your messaging. It’s not just one element, it’s an entire experience.

That’s why it’s not only important that your materials “look pretty,” it’s important that they authentically represent who you are and connect with your ideal client.

As part of my design process, we’ll deep dive into your business to gain clarity on your values and hone in on your ideal client. It’s essential that you understand who you are as a business in order to create visuals that can best represent your values to the clients you serve.

What’s Included:

Everything You Need to Wow Your Clients!

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Brand Strategy Consultation

Our time together kicks off with a call to discuss and clarify your vision. We’ll identify if and how your current brand perception differs from your desired brand perception and use that as a starting point to ensure your message and visuals attract your ideal customer.

Custom Logo Design

You have unique offerings and deserve a recognizable brand. One that is visually appealing and clearly communicates your core values and brand message. Not only will I provide you with a custom logo design that will appeal to your ideal client, I will work with you to ensure your brand and materials stand apart from your competition, showcasing the outstanding qualities you possess.

Secondary Logo & Submark

In addition to being unique and appealing, your logo needs to be versatile. Sometimes you’ll need a logo to fit on a pen, other times a square social media avatar and others yet on merchandise, packaging or other marketing collateral. I’ll make sure you have logo variations that will help you brand your materials across various mediums.

Unique Color Palette & Typography System

A logo is not the only way to represent your brand visually. Your color palette will help create brand recognition as do the fonts that you use and other visual elements. We’ll come up with a complementary color system and font options so you know exactly how to style your brand.

Marketing Collateral Design

Every business will need marketing materials, whether it’s business cards, a worksheet for your mailing list opt-in, launch graphics, social media templates or a newsletter header. I’ll provide you with design for three collateral pieces so you can begin to promote your new brand right away. I’m also happy to help you decide which pieces would best support your customer experience.

Social Media Profile Design

We’ll continue to expand your brand across your three go-to social media platforms, giving them a professional, yet inviting look to increase recognition and promote engagement.

Brand Style Guide

To ensure your brand is consistent and cohesive, I’ll put together a set of guidelines for your reference with recommendations on logo use, specifics on your color palette & fonts, as well as any other useful suggestions that will help you in continuing to develop your branding.

Brand Support

I love to support all my clients as their business continues to grow and thrive. I’m available to discuss additional design & marketing needs even after our initial work together is complete!

Need a Little More?

No worries! I’m happy to extend your new branding onto your website, packaging or additional marketing materials.

Before we start work together, we’ll have a no fee, no obligation consultation to discuss your business and ensure that my proposal is tailored for your particular needs.

Before working with Yaritsa, I felt uncertain and timid sharing about She Dares because my online presence was not a solid representation of it. After working with Yari, I am so much more confident and excited to share She Dares with any and everyone! It feels amazing to hand someone a business card that sends them to a site that SO PERFECTLY CAPTURES the ESSENCE of what She Dares is all about. Now people GET it (what She Dares is about) more quickly and more accurately. They feel it right away and are more excited to be a part of it. Also, people now take She Dares more seriously, which has already led to bigger and better relationships with other businesses. It has also upped my own confidence and pushed me to take my business and myself as an entrepreneur more seriously.

Danielle Fontus, She Dares

Here’s How It Works


Our time together kicks off with a 60min phone or Zoom call to discuss and clarify your vision to ensure we’re both on the same page right from the start!

Discovery + Strategy

We’ll identify if and how your current brand perception differs from your desired brand perception to ensure your message and visuals attract your ideal customer.

Identity Design

I’ll next begin to bring your brand to life! You’ll receive one intentional design solution that is tailored to your business, along with supporting rationale and examples of your brand in use.


If needed, we’ll work together to refine your new brand identity and ensure it’s just right for your business needs. I strive to ensure your brand represents you in a way that makes you proud!

Marketing Collateral

To round out your brand identity, we’ll design your marketing collateral to ensure your brand is not only functional and beautiful but translates in a cohesive way across all mediums.

Launch & Celebrate

Woop woop! I’ll package and send over all your files and resources in an organized digital library so that you can confidently launch your new brand into the world! *cue the confetti*

Did I Forget to Introduce Myself?

Yaritsa Arenas, Brand Strategy & Design

Hello there lovely, I’m Yari!

I’m here to help you put your best foot forward when connecting with your clients. I want your potential new customers to stop browsing and rest assured that you’re the best choice for them. But you can read all about that in my About page, can’t you? ;-)

How do you know if my Signature Brand Identity Package is a good fit for you?

That’s what you really want to know. Well, we’d be a great fit if:

  • You’ve been in business long enough that this is no longer just something you’re “playing with,” you’re ready to go all in
  • You’re clear on the quality of what you offer and who you serve
  • You bring consistent enough revenue that you can afford to invest in your branding because…
  • You’re SO over DIY! It’s time to hire someone to work on your visuals so you can stop struggling and continue to offer great service to your clients

I got what I wanted from Yari… branding that sparks conversation and compliments. A company look and feel that invokes what I wanted it to – style, class, creativity. Everyone I hand my business card comments on how cool, cute, unique it is and takes the time to really check it out. I was going for a wow factor and I definitely got it.

Maritza Reverón, Imaginista Integrated Marketing


I already have a logo. Can you design my collateral, website or packaging?

I really believe a holistic approach is the best way for me to provide you with a great end result and authentic, intentional branding. During our time together I deep dive into your business and bypassing that process is less efficient.

Therefore, primarily work with businesses for which I can create a cohesive look from start to finish.

That said, if you really want to work with me and you already have a brand identity you love, I’m happy to have a chat and see if there’s an opportunity of us to collaborate.

Tell me more about your project to get the ball rolling!

What does it cost to work with you and how long does it take?

My main goal is to provide you with a quality product that speaks to your ideal client and that you’re excited about. Therefore, I aim to work with budgets and timelines that realistically allow me to deliver that for you.

I’ve packaged my offering to include the most commonly requested services, however, I practice a fluid pricing model and estimate based on your specific marketing and collateral needs. As a reference point, branding projects generally start at $2,800 and take 6 weeks to complete. Additional time and cost will be added from there if you require packaging, website design or other larger scope services.

Once we’ve had a chance to talk, I’ll send you a detailed proposal with your project’s cost and timing for review.

I just need a quick logo, can you design one for me?

The short answer is no. But let me tell you why…

I believe a holistic branding approach will give you the best return for your investment. We’ll work on a deep dive of your business brand strategy to ensure your brand identity aligns your messaging with stunning visuals.

In order to ensure that your logo translates cohesively across different mediums, a holistic branding approach allows me to create multiple pieces for you to ensure your logo is not only beautiful but versatile. It will allow me to create logo variations and submarks as needed so that your logo looks great in different situations.

Not only that, you’ll get a brand style manual at the end of our time together with guidelines to reference when you work on additional marketing and collateral in the future.

What is the one concept method? Why do I only get one design solution?

I rather provide you with one very thoughtful and intentional solution based on our discussions of your brand vision than to provide several “good” solutions merely because my estimate says I have to show you three options.

This is not about cutting corners, but rather investing more of my time in one perfect-for-you design.

Behind the scenes, I’ve done the leg work of testing various concepts, tweaking fonts and colors and aligning the right elements. What you get in the end is the best possible solution, which I’ll present to you in various scenarios so you can see what your logo actually looks like in context.

Rest assured, if we don’t get it exactly right on the first try, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback through two rounds of refinements so you’ll end up with visuals that you’ll love.

What if I don't like my one concept?

The design solution that I’ll provide you with will be based on all our conversations and in-depth research regarding your brand vision, your business messaging and your ideal client.

Your logo will be carefully crafted with all this in mind, so with that and the 2 rounds of refinements included in your package, we’ll ensure your final result is the best fit for your business.

If for some reason we discover you need a totally different direction than originally discussed, we’ll re-assess to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I typically split up your investment in two 50% payments (one due upon booking and one due before I handover final artwork). For larger projects where additional design is required, I may split the project into 3 payments.

Your particular payment schedule will be outlined in my proposal to you so we’re both on the same page as to what is due when.

If you’d like to work with a different payment option, please make sure we discuss this during our initial chat.

I'm ready, how do we get started?

It’s best to start with a conversation. We’ll schedule time to chat live (phone, Zoom or in-person) to go over your specific needs, discuss cost and timeline and align our schedules for a project start date.

Ready to Create a Captivating Brand?

You offer a unique and outstanding service for your clients and it’s time your brand visuals showcase that

I take on a limited number of clients so if this sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and get the conversation going.