Can Brand Strategy Really Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Can Brand Strategy Really Help You Achieve Your Goals?

If you’ve been following me for a time, you’ll know that I believe in a holistic brand strategy approach. On my home page, I briefly touch upon three main reasons why I believe strategy is important. And today I wanted to expand a little on each of those.

First though, let me define what a “holistic brand strategy approach” even means.

Often times, someone might come to me in desperate need for a logo. Why? Maybe they’re starting a new business. Maybe their old logo looks dated because their friend created it for free many years ago and it no longer represents how their business has evolved. Sometimes they think a new visual identity will re-engage their community and boost sales.

In some cases this may be true, but at this point we’re treating the symptom and not the root cause. I’ve seen lots of successful businesses that have less than captivating visuals. I’ve also seen gorgeous brands with little profit. Rather than assuming visuals are what’s holding you back, it’s important to take a step back and examine your brand as a whole.

What really sets you up for success is having a solid foundation. Clearly understanding your business, your audience and what aligns the two in a common vision.

To me, it’s important to not only create a beautiful brand for my clients, but to really get to know their business from the inside out and ensuring they themselves have clarity around what they’re looking to create and how to go about doing it. With a bird’s-eye view, together we can create a roadmap for how to most effectively use their resources to create a stellar brand.

With that, here are the 3 primary benefits I believe you receive from a holistic brand strategy approach:

Clarity & Alignment

Constantly wavering when making business decisions wastes what limited time you have. When you align with your mission and vision from the start, you’ll have clarity every step of the way.

Wouldn’t it be great to easily and confidently make decisions regarding what new services to offer, where to spend your marketing dollars and what partnerships would best support your growth?

Without a solid foundation, you’re essentially flying blind. Visuals are important, don’t get me wrong. But spending money on visuals without a strong foundation is a waste of money. How can you measure the success of your goals if you’re not even clear on what your goals are!

Defining your goals, messaging and client journey allows you to uncover a set of core guidelines to fall back on anytime you’re making business decisions

Brand Confidence

I believe seasoned entrepreneurs who are proud of their personal brand are more confident sharing themselves and their services with potential clients.

It never feels great sending someone to a site you know is outdated, unprofessional and doesn’t truly represent you. Compare that to the natural energy that radiates from you when your brand identity, sales materials and online presence are all polished, cohesive and feel like an extension of you and what you have to offer. The difference is truly night and day!

The best way to create a stunning brand is to assess what you stand for, who you serve and what you offer. This way you can craft a visual brand that is unique to your business and aligns with your values.

Higher Quality Clients

Speaking to everyone waters down your message, but speaking to a curated audience makes it easy for them to rest assured you understand their needs and can offer the best solution.

When you’re clear on who your ideal client is, it’s easier to speak to them directly by crafting services that they’re craving, using language that resonates with them and providing the quality experience they’re longing for. They feel seen and understood because you do see them and you do understand them. You have similar values and that naturally attracts them to you.

And because you have a specific niche you work with, you have the targeted expertise they’ll certainly find appealing and be willing to invest more on. Not only that, when you provide them with a blissful experience, they’ll be the first to sing your praise and recommend you to others.

Seeing the big picture and understanding why your business started, who you serve and what you offer will always give you the best results.