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Scarlet, Ivory & Indigo

I wanted to put together a social media graphic for July 4th, and I wasn’t super inspired by creating one Red, White & Blue BBQ themed graphic. But it occurred to me, it doesn’t have to be one graphic that has these colors and it doesn’t have to be summer/BBQ themed. Why not create three mood boards, one for

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Navy Femme Mood Board

Often blues are associated with men and masculine elements. But there are still ways to use blue and have a distinctly feminine look. Incorporating more organic and even illustrative visuals and brighter, more traditionally feminine colors as accents will definitely soften the masculine perception of blue. Even if blue is the primary color, the way you use it can

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Empowered in Pink Mood Board

Pinks don’t always come in blush, champagne or cotton candy. They can also be bright and vibrant. Colors like hot pink or fuschia can be used in a way that has an empowered femininity, especially when adding other rich, warm colors to enhance your visuals.

This mood board was created for Latina Wellness, you can view the

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