Making the best use of #linkinbio on Instagram

Making the Best Use of #linkinbio on Instagram

Don’t you wish Instagram allowed you to have more than just one link? You know what I mean, they allow you to add a link on your profile which is great, but if you post about your latest blog post, event or product, there is no way to link directly from that specific image. Yes, you can add the url in the caption, but it’s not an active link so the person would have to manually type it out. I myself, don’t usually go through that trouble, do you?

So what are your options if you want to have multiple external links on Instagram? Read on to find out.

What is most often done on Instagram is either linking to your site homepage (set it and forget it) or changing your bio link with each new post. People will add a #linkinbio tag on the post caption and then update their bio so it links to their latest content. The drawback of doing this is that you can only link to the latest content and if someone finds an older post, that #linkinbio is no longer accurate.

Here are two ways that I’ve found to get around this…

Create a Dedicated Instagram Landing Page on Your Site

I’ve created an Instagram Landing Page on my site where I have added useful links and content that people on my Instagram might be looking for. If you take a peek at my page, you’ll see I have a welcome note as well as some of the most recent or most popular Instagram posts with direct links to the article, service or product that I mention.

Below that, I offer the option to do a keyword search should the specific article my readers are looking for is not featured. And below that, I offer a little information about what I offer and an option to join my Creative Resource Library.

What you include on your landing page is entirely up to you. You can show every single Instagram share that requires a direct link, you can show only the most recent or you can create a special page with promotions or discounts as a thank you to your followers.

The layout can also be as custom as you like. Since it lives inside your site, it will take on the look and feel of your brand, immediately immersing your visitors into your brand aesthetic.

Pros to this approach: The thing I like most about this solution is that the page is completely customized to your liking. It can have as little or as much information as you want to add and it’s custom branded with your logo, fonts and colors. It’s after all, another page is your current site.

Cons to this approach: What is a little lacking from this is analytics. Because you only have one link, you don’t know what specific post prompted someone to click. You could go into your Google Analytics and see what blog posts/ products were referred to from your landing page, but it’s additional work that not everyone has time for.

Pricing/Cost: $0 – There is no additional cost to this approach, all you have to do is create a new page on your site and link to it from Instagram.

Use a Third Party App

I’ve been seeing LinkTree used a lot more often on Instagram. Because I already had a dedicated page on my site for Instagram followers, I didn’t give it a try just yet, but I’m really liking the idea of giving my followers options as to where they’ll go next.

LinkTree creates a pseudo navigation for your Instagram account. It allows you to create multiple links that your followers can choose from. For example, you can lead them to your Blog’s landing page, your about page, services and a particular service or product you mention on your post. Setup is quite easy, you simply open an account and start adding the links you want to share. Customization at this time is a little limited. They only provide a few skins, but with an upgrade to their Pro plan you’ll have more options.

Layout is just a simple menu, you can add as many or as few as you like and you can easily add, rearrange, edit or delete the tabs.

Pros to this approach: The thing I like the most about this app is that you can see how many people clicked on each particular tab so you can easily see which pages are getting the most traffic.

Cons to this approach: The only con I see is more of a visual one. Because it’s more of a navigation setup than a landing page, you’re limited to block links so you have to be strategic with how you name each tab if you’re linking to specific products or posts so your visitors know which one to click on. I can also see someone getting easily carried away with too many links. While there is no limit to how many links you can add, your followers can get tired or bored browsing through too many options.

Pricing/Cost: $0-6 – LinkTree offers unlimited links for free (as of the time of this writing) and is rolling out a Pro version for $6/mo with additional analytics support and custom branding options. (For the record, I’m not affiliated with LinkTree in any way, just something I’m taking for a test run).

Final Thoughts

While these options still don’t give you the option to directly link from your Instagram post, it gives you options as to what you can include on your bio link. Which option is best for you is primarily personal preference. I would recommend a landing page for those who want to make their link a little more customized and visually interesting. For those who are most interested in analytics and tracking traffic, something like LinkTree might be more beneficial.

At the time of this writing, I’m playing with LinkTree so I can update this post further as I spend more time with it. In the meantime, if you have any other solutions for your Instagram link, please share! Would love to know what you’re currently doing and what you like and dislike about that setup.