How Well Do You Know Your People?

Often times what stops us from moving forward is fear of what “they” may think.

I had a chat with one of my friends who was feeling stuck on taking action. She knew what she had to do, but couldn’t move past doing it. There was a lot of self-doubt. Who am I to do this? What will “they” think? Am I going to sound stupid?

Sound familiar?

But who are “they”?

No, really. Think about it.

Seth Godin has said “Everyone is not your customer.” This is so true and it’s actually a good thing.

There are plenty of people who will love what you have to share. There are just as many who won’t “get” it.

There are people who will join your mailing list and there are people who will unsubscribe or never sign up to begin with.

So why are you spending so much time convincing everyone to adopt your vision?

Why are you trying to include a broader audience even if they don’t share your values?

Those are NOT your people

Your people crave your services, purchase your products and find your thoughts insightful.

Don’t water down your message trying to please everyone, speak to those who already want what you offer. Speak to your people.

Once you’re clear on who your people are, it’s almost as if you’re speaking to a friend. That fear of “what will they say” isn’t there because you already know how they think and whether or not what you’re sharing is something that they’re open to hearing.

Don’t let worry about what the “wrong” people will think stop you from sharing yourself to the people who want what you offer. Find your tribe, focus on them. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.

If you need help getting clarity on who your people are, download my free Defining Your Brand workbook. It will take you through some exercises to get clarity on who you are, what you offer and who you’re best able to serve.