The Most Important Email For Your Mailing List

The Most Important Email For Your Mailing List

Today I wanted to talk to you a little about your mailing list, and more importantly, the most important email your list members will get from you.

Your Welcome Email.

Most mailing lists have a default welcome message that goes out when someone joins your list. It’s usually quite plain, boring and not particularly helpful. I use MailChimp and this is how mine would look if left untouched.

Sure it has my photo, which I added when I customized my signup form and the button and link colors match my brand colors, but there’s not much to entice someone to stick around, is there?

Most of us don’t bother with that first welcome email because the point was to get folks on the list and now they’re on, so yay!

But the welcome email has a lot of untapped potential and I’ll tell you why you may not be using it to it’s fullest potential and what you should be including in yours.

Welcome Email Sequence: What and Why?

An email sequence is an automation flow that can get created when someone joins your mailing list (there are other types of email sequences, but today we’ll focus on the Welcome Sequence). What differentiates this from your typical newsletter email or campaign is that it happens automatically.

The sequence can be a single email or it can be several emails spaced out at different intervals.

While you’ve just signed someone up to your list and that’s great, remember that often people join for a freebie opt-in and some may unsubscribe after getting it. It happens to the best of us and I’m sure we’ve all done it at one point or other.

Your welcome email will help them see the value of sticking around long after they have their freebie in hand.

What Should a Welcome Email Include?

In my opinion, there are some key elements to a successful welcome email.

Welcome Message
It’s nice to include some sort of thank you, welcome message or at least a note confirming that they’ve been added to your mailing list. We all like to feel appreciated.

A quick reminder of who you are is always great to include. We often assume that people sign up to our list because they’ve been following along with us for a while or signed up to at an event we hosted. That is not always the case, in particular if you do a lot of marketing and perhaps the first time they’ve heard about you was from a Facebook ad or Landing Page that caught their eye.

What to Expect
Letting new list members know what to expect to receive from you lets them get a sense of whether they’re in the right place or not. The types of topics that you cover, the consistency with which you will mail them (daily, weekly, monthly, sporadically) and any perks that they may expect to receive by having joined your list.

I’d also like to note that if you’re creating a multi email sequence, you might want to give your new members a heads up in that first email. No one likes to be blindsided with 8 emails in 3 days when all they wanted was a freebie checklist!

Useful Resources
If you promised them a freebie (and they didn’t already get it in a prior email), make sure you include that in your welcome email. You can also feel free to share any additional resources they may like. Maybe it’s a few Frequently Asked Questions you may want to answer, apps or tools you recommend or past content you’ve already written. I include a list of articles from my blog that they may find supportive to the content they signed up for.

Invitation to Connect
Whether you ask them a direct question to start a conversation, invite them to follow you on social media or offer them an introductory virtual coffee chat, let your new subscribers know that you’re open to connecting. Communication doesn’t have to be one-sided and letting them know up-front if it’s ok to respond to your mailings makes them feel even more welcome.

A Few Things to Consider

Keep it simple. As your list grows or you start creating a sales funnel you may add a few bells & whistles. Don’t overwhelm yourself by starting bigger, badder, bolder right off the bat if it will stop you from starting at all!

You may choose to split yours up into multiple emails to keep each one even shorter or more targeted, just don’t go crazy! If I unknowingly get 6 emails just saying “welcome to my list” I might lose it and unsubscribe, and I’m sure you would too! If you’re sending several emails, give your members a heads up, space them out and keep them purposeful. More emails don’t equate to a better sequence. If they’re not of value, they’re just clutter.

Have you written your welcome email yet? Take some time to review your current welcome email and see how you can update it to make it more inviting to your new mailing list subscribers.