My New Brand & Website Reveal,

My New Brand & Website Reveal

I’m so excited to share with you my new website! I’ve been working on it for much longer than I intended to, but in the midst of it all, I realized that I really had to practice what I preach and build a strong foundation before diving into all the pretty visuals.

Here’s a little behind the scenes of what changes I’ve made and why I made them. This will be a long one, but hopefully seeing my process is helpful to you.

New site

Why a New Brand?

Initially, I wanted to update my brand and in particular my website, because I felt I had outgrown the design. Admittedly, when I’ve previously made updates, they’ve been mostly aesthetic and mostly because “I can.” Because I’m a designer so it’s no real financial commitment (though it does take plenty of time). In fact, the design I had in mind for this re-design was VERY different from what I’ve just launched.

See, often times, we are too close to our brands so it’s hard to be objective. And as someone who is a designer, this is all the more true. If I want to change it, I can do it myself, I don’t need to hire someone. Doctors, as they say, make the worst patients. I find that to be true for designers working on their own brands.

But once I took some time to really go through my own process and set the foundation of my why, my brand values and my offerings, the vision I had for my brand and business became more and more clear.

Focus on a Holistic Approach

I want to offer a holistic approach because I don’t just want to give my clients a logo with no context of how to use it in their materials. I don’t want to build a website without gaining clarity on my client’s goals and how to make that site successful. I don’t just want to offer design for branding collateral without first talking about their process to see what materials would best support their marketing efforts.

I’ve made sure this info is front and center on my Home page and have shared my own values on my About page. Hopefully it’s clear to my clients why it’s important to think of their brand as a whole and not just as bits and pieces you put together.

Enhanced User Experience

I’ve simplified getting around my site. I only have 3 primary links on my navigation and everything else is on the footer. I always recommend having 5-6 navigation links at most, but I’ve even condensed that more this time around. Here’s my thinking:

About – people want to get to know you (and what you can offer them), the quickest way to do that is visiting your about page
Design Services – this is what I offer and I naturally want my site visitors to visit this page
Resources – often times people are looking for resources – what apps, services and tutorials they can learn from

I’ve made sure every page has one clear call to action. That call to action doesn’t necessarily need to be some sort of BUY NOW button, but rather lead your visitors around your site so they can get the best experience of getting to know you and learning how you can help them. My About page, for example, leads to my Design Services. That, in turn, leads to my Design Request form. Alternatively, my Resources page leads into my Blog, where someone who is already looking for resources can learn more about branding & design.

I’ve elected to keep my home page simple overall. I speak to my approach to branding and why I hold that important in my process. I speak to my primary design services, allowing my visitors to at a glance see what I can offer and direct them to those pages. Lastly, I’m featuring some key articles that folks who are new to branding will find useful. In this case, visitors either want to learn about my services or learn about branding tips and resources.

Design Services

I have two primary ways someone can work with me: Brand Strategy and Identity Design.

Brand Clarity Deep Dive

Someone who is new to branding and is still figuring out their business, vision and offering is not quite ready to invest in brand identity design. They may be experiencing a brand identity crisis where they’re constantly second-guessing their offering, who they would love to work with and focusing more time on playing with colors and fonts than ensuring they have a clear client experience and streamlined process. For them, I’m offering a strategy session to uncover the foundations of their business. Take a Peek »

Signature Brand Identity Design

For more seasoned entrepreneurs, the primary goal is to uplevel. They have a tried and true service and they know who their ideal client is. What they most need at this point is to create a professional visual brand that better aligns with the quality they have to offer. They may have a site, but it’s not quite up to par with where they are in their business. They’re over trying to DIY everything and are ready to hire someone to take over design so they can focus on their clients. Take a Peek »

Ongoing Design

While not listed on my site, I love to support all my clients as their business continues to grow and thrive. I’m available to discuss additional design & marketing needs even after our initial work together is complete!

Brand Strategy & Identity Design Services

Still to Come

I still have some work to do. While I would have loved to launch with EVERYTHING perfectly in place, the truth is there are things that are “mission critical” and there are things that are “nice to have.” I didn’t want to get bogged down with some to the more cumbersome tasks that wouldn’t make or break my launch.

Off-hand, I need to go through my articles and update the post graphics to match my new look. I didn’t want to hold up my launch for this because the articles themselves are still good whether or not the graphics are complete.

I also want to update and create some goodies for you all. At one point I had a resource library with downloadable items, but it took more upkeep than I was ready for and I ended up nixing it. However, a lot of those resources are quite useful so I want to revamp them and bring them back either as opt-ins, paid products or maybe even rethink my library approach.

Final Thoughts

Your brand and website are fluid. Meaning, they evolve along with you as your priorities, offerings and values evolve in order to serve you and your clients as best as possible. No, you don’t want to completely revamp everything every couple of months. This is time consuming, costly and will confuse your followers. But there’s a bit of relief in knowing that there is no such thing as final or perfect. As long as you have your foundation in place, you can tackle the next step with confidence as it comes.

I’d love to know what you think! What do you like most about the new brand site? Does my process spark any ideas for your own brand? Please share!