Baked by Atabey

Baked by Atabey offers made-to-order baked goods for small events and family gatherings. This is a business Vanessa created as she started getting requests to make her delicious cupcakes from several friends and acquaintances. She primarily offers cupcakes that are delicious and beautifully decorated.

Brand Inspiration Board

In order to make sure Vanessa and I were on the same page regarding the aesthetics of the brand we would be creating together, I asked her to collect some images on Pinterest that she felt represented her business. This would include what she finds visually inspiring and include colors, textures and imagery that aligned with what she wanted her brand to portray to her customers.

Based on those images she provided, along with some additional images I felt would round out the aesthetic, I was able to create an inspiration board where I captured the color and visual themes of her images.

Baked by Atabey Logo Design

Primary & Secondary Logos

One thing that was a little outside the norm on this project is coming to a final decision on the business name. Originally, the name was Cupcakes by Atabey, as this was her primary service. However, as we dove in a little deeper into her brand and story, we realized that the word “Cupcakes” might be a little limiting. She also gets requests for cookies (she has these amazing espresso chocolate chip cookies!) and other baked goods from time to time.

After careful consideration, we agreed that Baked by Atabey would be a truer fit to her products and gives her room to expand her offerings. That said, because cupcakes were her biggest seller, we opted to include that as the primary visual on the logo.

Baked by Atabey Banner


The most prominent font in the logo is the script font used to spell “Baked.” We selected this because it felt like piped icing atop a cake, which goes nicely with what Baked by Atabey is all about. This is paired with a simple sans serif font to keep the rest of the words legible at a smaller size.


The color palette includes primarily a bold purple with hints of pink, not only Vanessa’s favorite colors, but also ones that have a bright and fun feeling, adding a little femininity without being too girly. We also decided to include browns and tans, since chocolate is her favorite cake (mine too!), adding a little richness to the overall color scheme.

Baked by Atabey Packaging

What Vanessa had to say about the project:

I first started working with Yari in the early stages of Baked by Atabey. I wanted a design that was fun, clean and represented me. This was my first venture into starting up a business and, needless to say, I was overwhelmed by all the decisions I had to make. Working with Yari was a dream! She took the time to learn my vision for the business and took my ideas to the next level based on her knowledge and expertise in brand design. The result was a logo that I’m extremely proud to put on my products. I always recommend her to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and truly talented partner in making their vision come to life!

Vanessa Arenas, Baked by Atabey

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