Warrier Strategy

Warrier Strategy helps women design meaningful careers and fulfilling lives. With over 15 years of focus in marketing, strategy and social psychology, as well as a personal career transition journey, Vidya teaches her clients how to confidently position themselves to achieve their goals in a way that fits in with their already busy schedules.

Warrier Strategy Logo Design

Brand Essence

While career path and job search is an important consideration in one’s life, it does not need to feel overwhelming or stressful. It was important to infuse a bit of fun and curiosity.

As Vidya’s ideal clients are women, we wanted to incorporate a more feminine friendly feel. We want to ensure that the Warrier Strategy branding is professional but also approachable and leaving her clients feeling supported every step of the way.

Warrier Strategy Quote Card
Warrier Strategy Style Guide


We introduced a more feminine, handwritten font for the word “Warrier” to evoke a friendly, approachable feel. For “Strategy,” we opted for a more formal and professional feel to offset the handwritten font. While we want to be relatable, we want it to be clear that there is substance behind the brand.


Both images and the brand as a whole include an element of lightness with a pop of color and whimsy. While feminine colors tend to skew soft, we know that bolder colors were a better fit for Vidya’s own personality and the clients she wants to attract. A career change is a bold move after all!

Warrier Strategy Workbook Design
Warrier Strategy Social Media Template Design

Squarespace Website Design

Last, but certainly not least, we created an inviting online home for Warrier Strategy. Potential clients can learn more about Vidya, her services and get taste of what it would be like to work together.

Her site integrates with her MailChimp newsletter and offers a handy workbook helping site visitors decide if a job or career change is right for them.

Warrier Strategy Website Design and Development

What Vidya had to say about the project:

Before I began working with Yaritsa, I had no clue how to represent my work visually. I had pulled together a site on my own but I didn’t feel like it captured the essence or the personality of my work or myself. What drew me to work with Yari was seeing how her beautiful yet simple design and branding enhanced the website copy to convey a clear message. Yari developed my branding & website while helping me dig into what was truly important. She made a daunting process much easier by taking me step-by-step so I wasn’t overwhelmed, which allowed me to continue focusing on my clients. Now I have a platform that is clear, easy to navigate, tied together, showcases my personality and gets a ton of compliments!

Vidya Ramachandran, Warrier Strategy

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