How to Stay on Schedule and on Budget!

How to Stay on Schedule and on Budget!

When you receive a pricing quote from your designer, it’s important to remember that these are estimated costs. If the scope of a project changes, it will affect pricing and timing. Of course, we always aim to stay on schedule and more importantly, we don’t want to get a crazy bill at the end. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

How to Stay on Schedule and on Budget!

Have a Clear Plan & Deliverables

This was hopefully spelled out during the initial interview and proposal, but if you’re unclear about any part of the design process, make sure to pose the questions as early on as possible. This way both you and your designer are on the same page regarding what deliverables are due and when they should be completed.

Establish Good Communication

The biggest thing to take away, is to make sure you and your designer communicate throughout the design process. This includes being clear on any changes you want to see made to artwork, alerting your designer if you will be out of town or unavailable to review designs, and particularly if you’re changing the scope of the project.

Keep the Estimate in Mind

Strategies change, that’s fine. Just keep in mind that any major changes to what was originally discussed can incur additional costs and extend development time. If you need to add features to your site, pages to your brochure or if you need to move up your deadline, be sure to alert your designer as soon as possible and confirm with them how these changes will affect your quote. Good designers will be sure to run additional costs by you before doing the work, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if it’s not brought up.

Make Sure the Right People Review Early On

If you’re the only person approving artwork, then this probably doesn’t apply to you. However, if you’re working with a team or if there is someone “higher up” that needs to approve final art, don’t wait too long to show them the project’s progress. If you run out of revisions before they look over artwork, you risk additional costs if they have major changes to what you’ve been working on.

Think Like Your Target Audience

As you review artwork, always keep in mind who the artwork needs to appeal to. Often times clients show their friends and loved ones artwork, forgetting that they may not be part of your target audience. This can lead to changes in strategy that might not be appropriate, as now you’re trying to please the wrong audience.

Review Artwork Promptly, But Accurately

There should be a balance in how artwork gets reviewed. If you react too quickly you might miss something, however you also don’t want to put reviewing work on the back burner and risk missing deadlines. Once you receive artwork, look it over for an initial reaction but set some time apart to review with a more careful eye. This way you’re giving thorough feedback.

These tips should be helpful in keeping the project going smoothly and avoiding unforeseen costs. Feel free to comment if you have any additional suggestions!