Creative Consultation & Brand Strategy for Busy Entrepreneurs

Are you having a brand identity crisis?

Instead of getting your business off the ground and being of service to your clients, you’re obsessing over which colors work best together and what type of font looks nice on your site. Meanwhile, you haven’t crafted an offer that will appeal to your clients once you have your brand design in order.

Perhaps you’re starting a new business and while you’ve downloaded a bunch of free worksheets, or even paid for online courses to help you develop your business, you’re still not sure who's in your target market or what your “why” is (and why you even need one)!

You want your branding to be beautiful, but the thought of spending thousands on a designer when you don’t have a clear vision has you at a standstill.

All you know is that you have a business inside of you bursting to come out into the world, but you’re stuck. So you close your computer and decide to “figure it out tomorrow”… and tomorrow… and tomorrow...

Don't fret! If you’re at a stage in your business or branding where the thing you need most is guidance, I’m happy to provide you with my expertise on personal branding & design to get you on the right path.

What’s Included?

1 | Questionnaire to help me get to know you and your business
2 | 90min deep dive via Skype to discuss your challenges and goals
3 | Personalized summary of recommendations & action plan
4 | 30min follow-up session to answer any questions that come up

How Does It Work?

Once payment has been made, I’ll send you a welcome email with a link to my online scheduler as well as my Brand Questionnaire. Your responses to the questionnaire will help me prepare for our call, letting me know about your business, what you offer and what your top struggles are. I’ll need the questionnaire responded to at least 48hrs prior to our call.

We’ll have 90 minutes together via phone or Skype. We can use this time to audit your website and branding or you can ask me specific questions if you prefer to use our time as a Q&A. Likely, it will be a combination of both. Either way, I’ll provide you strategies for improvement which can include:

You’re welcome to record the call so you have it for future listening (just give me a heads up).

Within 3 days of our call, I’ll provide you with a personalized summary of recommendations & action plan based on what we discussed. This will include an overview of your voice & messaging, who you’re for, what you offer as well as a mood board to help establish overall look & feel, color palette and imagery styles. You’ll know exactly what steps you need to take in order to improve your presence and create a brand you’re proud to show off!

Some questions might come up after our time together or you might want further clarification on your action plan. I’m including a 30 minute follow up session (to be booked within a month of our initial session) to ensure you’re clear and supported.

Are you ready to create a captivating brand?

You want your branding to be beautiful, but having a clear strategy is just as important, if not more so. Together we’ll create the foundation for you to create a brand that aligns your values, messaging & stunning visuals.

I take a limited number of consultations each month, so use the form below to apply. I want to make sure I can answer any questions about the process before you purchase. I will respond within 24-48hrs with next steps.

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