Jackie Janiec

Jackie Janiec created a holistic coaching community that offers a no-BS, yet fun environment for witty, life-long seekers who struggle with clarity and finding support in a time when uncovering their passion is more important than following a pre-defined life path.

Jackie has a love for coaching and has worked with women’s groups in the past so she is no stranger to facilitating workshops or leading a community. However, it’s often difficult to venture out on your own when you’re used to being under someone else’s umbrella. What makes you unique and different, in particular in a saturated industry such as coaching?

We worked together through my Brand Clarity Deep Dive to help her craft a brand that is unique to her and gives her clarity as to who her audience is, how she can best speak to them and what makes her different from all the other coaching communities that are already out there.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the roadmap we put together.

Jackie Janiec Brand Strategy Roadmap by Yaritsa Arenas

Brand Clarity Deep Dive

Jackie has done her fair share of online courses and worksheets to help her figure out her brand on her own. Those can only get you so far, it’s not easy to see yourself objectively or to identify patterns without a sounding board to mirror back your vision and help define your message.

During our time together, we worked through some exercises to really get to the core of what her brand is all about.

Uncovering Her Vision

Jackie’s approach in particular is getting into those difficult, raw and vulnerable conversations where even though you might have that ugly cry in the moment, truly open up space for deep transformation.

That in itself makes her unique, but her vision goes much deeper. We uncovered that her deepest “why” is to create a world in which her daughter is safe, secure and accepted.

Jackie’s Mission Statement


To build a thriving community that honestly and respectfully addresses real issues without shying away from traditionally taboo subjects, allowing us to stretch our beliefs and broaden our perspectives.

To help women find freedom by getting to the heart of their deeper truth. Jackie has a warm, not fuzzy approach to coaching that goes Beyond Small Talk to have powerful, authentic and raw conversations about topics that really matter to you and affect your day to day life.

Ideal Customer Profile

We want to help everyone. But there is so much to be addressed for “everyone” and it can be overwhelming to write a message that speaks to all people. So it’s always better to speak to someone. Specifically, that someone who believes what you believe, wants what you’re offering and will excitedly share about you and recommend you to others.

For Jackie, that someone is Semra, The Seeker. Someone who is not new to personal development, but who has had a taste of it and wants to go deeper. She is driven and open to introspection, but struggles with knowing what to do next.

“I could do anything if only I knew what it was!”

In her our roadmap, we dive into demographics, Semra’s mindset, goals, values and pain-points so we know how to specifically speak to her about the solution that Jackie can offer.

Goals & Prioritization

One of Jackie’s primary reasons for doing this brand strategy workshop with me was lack of focus. While she had an idea of what she wanted to create and could see the bigger goal, she was having a hard time taking action on the next best step. Her go-to move was to tinker with her logo and the colors on her site.

Now that she has clarity on her audience, her mission and vision, we know that creating awareness and developing a high quality client experience are priority.

Jackie is working behind the scenes on creating a virtual coaching program as a long-term goal and in the meantime has created an inspiring grounding meditation and no-BS self-care guide to grow her community.

Jackie Janiec Brand Strategy Roadmap Overview

What Jackie had to say about the workshop:

Before working with you I was all over the place with too many ideas and not focused. I would not commit to my brand. Then, you created a roadmap that clearly showcases me as a person and as a brand. You gave me clarity, easy to do action items and a sense of accomplishment.

I have the confidence to move forward with my business and what I love to do. There is a sense of ease knowing I have a foundation to return to in any moment of indecisiveness. When you work with someone who asks the right questions and is an awesome sound board it makes you realize you are more clear than you thought.

Jackie Janiec, Beyond Small Talk

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