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Why It’s Important To Plan Content Before Designing Your Website

Why It’s Important To Plan Content Before Designing Your Website

The first thing everyone wants to talk about is what their branding and website are going to look like. What colors they like, what sites they want to emulate and where the images will go. But planning your site content is a must before you start design work on your website. And not just gathering your content, but strategically planning what feeling you want to convey to your audience and what message you want to get across.

I recently started being stricter about requiring site content before I start any design project. The main reason being that waiting for content from my clients was the biggest cause of launch delays. Often times clients come to me sooo excited to begin design and they “have an idea” of what their text will be, they “just have to write it down”. So no problem, I can see they’re working on it, let’s start, right? Well, it doesn’t always work out quite as [...] Read More»

What Website Platform Is Best For You?

best website platform

There are plenty of articles out there telling you why Squarespace is better than WordPress or vice versa. In my opinion, there is no “better”, it’s more about what you’re most comfortable using and what allows for your business to grow in the way that you want.

I find that Becky Kinkhead explained it best by saying:

Squarespace is like renting an apartment. You can make it aesthetically appealing with your brand identity and nice graphics, but there are certain limitations. You are clearly limited in what you’re doing.

WordPress is like buying a home. It’s yours to do whatever you want. Try every idea that comes to mind – but you’re going to have problems that come up that’s your responsibility to fix. Whether that’s adding security or fixing leaks.

~ Becky Kinkhead

In order to determine whether WP or SS is best for you I’ve put together some questions to consider in helping you make a decision.


[...] Read More»

16 Inspirational Quotes on Personal Branding

Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You

Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You

We don’t always think of ourselves as being a brand, perhaps we only assign that to people who own businesses with several employees. But consider this quote:

Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves… Whatever your area of expertise, you can take steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field. – Accelepoint Webzine

Now if you’re here, you probably have some interest in branding yourself as a business owner. Whether the business is you, as a speaker, coach, author, or whether you have a business under a standalone name, the same basic branding principles apply.

Here are some amazing quotes about personal branding that will hopefully help you see the importance of having an authentic and unique brand and will give you some food for thought, to see if your brand is aligned with what you’re hoping to portray.

You too are a brand. Whether you know

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7 Useful Tools to Streamline Your Online Business

7 Useful Tools to Streamline Your Online Business

Today I’d love to share some tools that have been instrumental in streamlining my online business and process. I’m all about making my life simple and eliminating redundancies. So below are my go-to tools and systems to help you do just that!

Notes & Organization

Evernote »

I love Evernote because I’m constantly making notes (and then losing them). Using Evernote, keeps all my notes online so that I can reference them from anywhere at any time. I use it to archive my web copy, blog posts and any event notes from a webinar or seminar I’ve attended. It also allows me to share my notes with others if I’d like. Evernote offers an online version, a desktop version and a mobile version, really how you use it is entirely up to you! Cost: Free / $25/yr+ for premium version

Dropbox »

I use Dropbox to store my work files. I keep folders for my client work so everything is [...] Read More»

11 Essential Elements Every Website Should Have

11 Essential Elements Every Website Should Have

Regardless of what field you’re in or who your ideal client is, there are some key pages and site elements that will greatly improve your visitor’s experience while browsing your site. Whether you already have a site or are planning your new site, the items below will give you some food for thought. Now, I’m by no means the only person who’s ever written about this, but hopefully some of the tips I’m offering will give you new insight.

Let’s start with the must-have Pages and how to make the best of them:

Home Page Generally, this is the first page a client will see. It serves as an overview of your website and by extension, an overview of what you’re all about. Consider what is the most important thing you want them to know about you and what is the first step you want them to take. Don’t oversaturate the homepage with everything but the kitchen sink. Guide them [...] Read More»

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